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An animated superhero/sci-fi series about saving the world, and surviving the evils of high school

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Raventhorn S1 • E2 | Nocturne Part 1
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Raventhorn is an ongoing, original, animated, superhero/sci-fi series about saving the world and surviving the evils of high school.


Adrien Dinsmoore already knew she wasn’t normal, what with the super strength destroying her alarm clock every other morning, plus her insane speed. Still, she’s totally unprepared to learn she's not actually one of the widely hated superhumans. She's an alien from another planet named Raventhorn. With the help of her mentor and protector, Adrien takes on two separate identities: A simple teen by day, and a crime fighting vigilante by night. Battling dangerous superhumans, taking on shady government organizations, facing an impending doom from her home planet, and falling in love with a super villain is now the norm for her. Could high school get any more complicated?

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